The Opinno Expert Council 

As an Open Innovation consultancy, we believe in an open collaboration model. The Opinno Ecosystem is made of thousands of senior experts located globally. This community participates in our consulting engagements as experts with deep knowledge in concrete domains, from artificial intelligence or blockchain to behavioral economics or product design.  The members of the Opinno Expert Council act as a plug and play advisory board on our projects, providing insight at crucial points in our assignments.

Featured members

Blanca Gomez Opinno

Blanca Gomez
HR Advisor
Former HR Director, Microsoft

Alberto Levy Opinno

Alberto Levy
Design Futurist
Serial Entrepreneur


Emmanuel Djengue
Global Shaper, World Economic Forum
Innovation Director, RGAx insurance

Balvinder Powar Opinno

Balvinder Powar
CCO - Aerdron
Business Mentor


Ian Noel
Helping Entrepreneurs & Strarting 
a New Proyect

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