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digital talent for competitiveness

As we head towards the 4th industrial revolution, digital technologies and skills are more and more needed in any job. The digital employees companies require must have technical abilities to use technology as well as the soft skills to lead, manage and work in a digital way.


¿What we do?



We help our customers achieve greater competitiveness by developing the new technological and management skills of the digital era. We support C-level executives in understanding and taking advantage of the business opportunities emerging and digital technologies provide. We collaborate with IT and technical departments for developing technological capabilities needed for supporting the company’s business. We are the strategic partner of HR departments for reaching digital transformation, talent development and technology training.

Employability and Digital Talent

Despite the high levels of unemployment, several studies foresee a lack of qualifies profiles in the coming years due to the gap regarding digital skills. At Academy, we collaborate with large companies (CSR and corporate foundations), foundations and non-for-profit entities executing projects generating employability by developing skills in digital technologies, project management and entrepreneurship. These projects are co-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Training of Trainers

In close relationship with our customers and partners, we collaborate to develop internal capabilities to execute employee training programmes. We support on developing both technical and methodological capabilities. We work side-by-side with our customers during early-stages of the project to ensure success. Later one, we collaborate by providing support and developing capabilities of trainers further on.

Co-Branded Programmes

For our expertise executing tech projects with companies and technical proficiency, we collaborate with business schools, education sector and companies for developing learning programmes including, in addition to other topics, digital technologies, innovation methodologies, new working ways and cultural transformation.

Learning Content

As teachers, experts and content generators for events of brands like MIT Technology Review and Harvard Business Review in Spanish, we have a mix of skills that come very handy for developing visual, interactive and engaging new learning content. We develop content for online and offline learning including video, html5 and interactive formats.

Open edX Platforms

As contributors for Open edX opensource initiative and developers of our own Open edX-based elearning platform, we have the expertise and skills to implement fully functional e-learning platforms for our customers (ie. content, certificates, tests, etc.). In addition to core functionalities, we add gamification of the learning process and our own learning methodologies.


¿How we do it?


Challenge-based Learning

We start by understanding how our customers will apply and use the skills to be developed. Based on their specific use, we design challenges to be solved by participants during the learning process. By using real challenges of our customers, we ensure the development of the required skills for the needed use.

Learning by Doing

We aim to develop hard skills and technical proficiency. Therefore, our programs are mainly based on practical sessions where knowledge and skills are applied in real-world and most needed use cases. We believe that practice makes perfect.

Online, Offline and Blended

We adapt to our customers needs by combining the most used learning methods. We recommend using online for theoretical content and offline for practical session. Our customers can use our Open edX platform or we can use theirs. We also provide remote assistance and tutoring for program participantes.

Learning Coach

We promote self-learning as a key value of employees. Our customers select key employees for their talent to work with us in a custom-made program to develop new skills. We define the “learning roadmap” with needed skills, we assess the level for each skill and we coach for increasing the level of each skill using our content or others.