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MIT Technology Review, Spanish edition, edited by Opinno, presents the first generation of Innovators Under 35 Europe

Every day, thousands of young people around the world decide to bring their ideas to life. Some embark upon long, tedious research projects which allow science to make small advances towards curing complex diseases. Others try to transform these ideas into products commercialized by their own start-ups. Many of them have something in common: they leverage technology to give shape to these advances and provide solutions to society's current ills.

To discover and showcase breakthrough technologies, thereby lending visibility to the work of these young talents, MIT Technology Review publishes an annual list of Innovators Under 35, the most prestigious recognition awarded to the young entrepreneurs developing technological and scientific solutions to major global challenges.

Check out the complete list of Innovators Under 35 Europe 2017.

As an innovation consultancy firm, we have always been energized and inspired by scientific and technological advancements and, above all, by people capable of using technology in an innovative way to solve human problems. That’s why, in 2011, Opinno brought Innovators Under 35 to Europe and Latin America through MIT Technology Review, Spanish edition, which we publish in collaboration with MIT Technology Review.  Since then, we have been conducting an active talent search in on both continents, initially through local editions of the awards in France, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, and Mexico, amongst many more.This year, for the first time, these local editions have been streamlined to form two unique regional editions: Innovators Under 35 Europe and Latin America looking for the best 35 profiles in each continent.

Today, we are proud to announce our 2017 list of 35 European winners in five categories: Inventors, entrepreneurs, visionaries, humanitarians, and pioneers. This year's Innovators Under 35 are pursuing medical breakthroughs, re-imagining energy technologies, expanding the frontiers of science and developing disruptive technologies. Whether researchers, innovators or entrepreneurs they are all positioned as, or on track to become, the successful leaders of the future.

As part of this prestigious recognition, last September 14 we organized the Innovators Under 35 Summit Europe 2017, which took place at Station F, the biggest start-up campus in the world, where the laureates pitched their projects on stage to our innovation community. Among all the laureates, 5 of them received a special mention in each of the categories during the ceremony:

  • The COO and CFO at Desktop Genetics, Victor Dillard (Belgium), was awarded the special mention of Entrepreneur of the Year, thanks to his novel platform which enables the design and production of personalized, safe and effective genome editing therapies.
  • The CEO at Mimica Lab, Solveiga Pakštaitė (Lithuania), was recognized as Inventor of the Year for her bio-reactive, tactile expiry label that can be used by people with visual impairments and helps to reduce food waste by indicating when food products will actually go bad.
  • Enass Abo-Hamed (United Kingdom) was named Visionary of the Year for the development of smart nanomaterials which enable hydrogen storage and on-demand electricity production from renewable sources.
  • Julien De Wit (Belgium) was selected as Pioneer of the Year for his novel techniques designed to identify and study potentially habitable planets orbiting stars other than our own Sun.
  • And, finally, Humanitarian of the Year was awarded to Thibault Duchemin, the founder and CEO of AVA, a mobile application that fosters social and professional integration for the hearing disabled by allowing the deaf and hearing-impaired to follow what is being said around them in real-time.

Check out the complete list of Innovators Under 35 Europe 2017.

Author Jose Alejandro Briceño Culture & Engagement Director