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Opinno and Pirendo join forces to execute more agile and innovative digital strategies

The analytics firm is the first technological partner for projects from the brand MIT Technology Review, Opinno and our clients to increase the impact of our digital strategies

The growth of communication channels and content has made analytics an indispensable tool for optimizing the reach and repercussion of our initiatives rooted in the internet. For this reason, we will begin to collaborate with Pirendo to improve the social experience of the brands Innovators Under 25, EmTech France and Opinno as well as projects executed with our clients.

Thanks to Pirendo´s analytical tools for monitoring the activity on different social media sites from a single platform, we will combine a powerful scanning engine with our experience in order to allow our clients to benefit from direct and reliable information regarding digital activities which we design in collaboration with them.

Pirendo´s tools analyze different aspects of digital strategies. / Pirendo.

"For Opinno, it is fundamental to understand our digital footprint and the impact of our clients and brands in social media," our Marketing and Communications Director Andrea Acha explains. "For this reason, we wanted to work with Pirendo as a technological partner to monitor, analyze and visualize our social media initiatives in an agile manner."

Opinno´s collaboration with Pirendo will allow us to explore and create new ways of reaching and interacting with our community during events as well as afterwards. "Measuring the social impact of a world-class event [like Innovators Under 35] is a source of pride for us and we hope that this will be a lasting collaboration," says Javier Esteban, the Chief Sales Officer at Pirendo.