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We coordinate Spain Tech Center, an inmersion programm to bring Spanish startups to Silicon Valley

The companies have participated in Spain Tech Center, coordinated by us, promoting their settlement in the US market

Being the new kid in class is not easy. The newcomer doesn't know the teachers or peers; neither do they know how to get to the cafeteria or where the bathroom is. The world of entrepreneurship is the same. Starting in another country means not knowing aspects such as the competition, administrative procedures and the legal tools available. Since the new student in class can go to a tutor to guide them during their first steps, we have decided to assume the same role for those Spanish technology-based entrepreneurs who want to settle in the United States.


Caption: The twelve start-up will receive coaching on how to land successfully in Silicon Valley 

Since last July, the company is responsible for managing the Spain Tech Center (STC), a public-private initiative led by the Institute of Foreign Trade, and Banco Santander, which annually prepares newly created start-up companies in Spain to facilitate their entry into the US market. The platform includes three preparatory meetings in Spain and subsequently an immersion program in San Francisco (USA) for two weeks. This city hosts the region of Silicon Valley (USA), considered the Mecca of North American enterprise.

The preparation in Spain addresses issues such as how best to present the company and its speech so that it conforms to American way for doing things. It also offers advice on areas of daily life in the foreign country such as the cost of living, accommodation and visas. In addition, training includes support for developing a business plan.

Then, it's time to cross the bridge we have raised between Madrid and Silicon Valley to carry out the immersion program. Once there, participants will have an office in one of the most active co-working platforms in the region, the Rocket Space Center.

During the two weeks of this part of the initiative, the selected companies attend meetings with experts and stakeholders. The aim is to define business strategies, validate their products and expand their network of contacts in the area. The immersion program also includes talks about the specific components related to each company. Finally, attendees hold meetings with STC participants from previous years. This meeting will serve as a guide during their time in the United States.

The call for 2014 has enjoyed the participation of technological 12 companies that address such diverse areas such as education, health, logistics and digital consulting, among others. This lucky dozen concluded its participation in the immersion program last week and some have already experienced success from the program.

The company Enigmedia, specializing in secure communications, has come into contact with one of the best cryptographers in the world. Meanwhile, Paythunder, a provider of mobile payment systems has managed to meet with national and international bank representatives.

To date there have been 72 start-up selected to participate in the STC since its establishment in 2011. The Committee of the Centre, in charge of making the selection, is composed of experts who value the technological qualities as well as the innovative and creative applications they receive. The profile of the company, its history and its projects are qualities that are also very important when it comes to selection.

Winning a place to travel to the Mecca of technology is the objective of every business and we have chosen to support the same objective it always has: to help small and medium businesses settle in the hostile terrain that is the market. We make an effort to make talent triumph so that a lack of support isn’t the reason for the death of a great idea. 

Don't miss this video report from the national Spanish TV channel programme Emprende covering the STC initiative in San Francisco.