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Our Model

Times are changing. Fast. Faster than ever before. New technologies are changing the way we live and the way we work. We need to learn to adapt to an ever faster changing environment. 

We believe entrepreneurs are the most resilient animal in our planet, and startups are the most agile type of organization. In times like this, there is a lot that startups and entrepreneurs can teach other organizations. 

A startup is defined as "a human organization, whose mission is to create something new in conditions of high uncertainty". So we ask, which organization is not a startup these days?
That's where our main mantra comes from "Every business is a startup"

​Opinno has gathered the experience of thousands of entrepreneurs, and built a unique innovation methodology that works for all organizations, no mater their size, area or focus or geographical shape. We call this methodology "People. Ideas. Solutions (TM)"


People are the beginning and the end of any innovation process. Organizations and leaders need to learn to be humble, to listen before they speak, and to understand that they are part of an ecosystem, where learning to collaborate is the key to survival and success. 

What we do

The first part of our innovation methodology consists in building ecosystems and helping companies listen to their employees, to their customers, to their providers, peers and even to their competitors, and learning to interact with them. 

We do this by creating physical and virtual networks, building multimedia content to kickstart conversations, designing and producing amazing events and experiences that connect people, and celebrating many, many, many hackathons, innovation competitions, challenges and awards every year. Our network consists of over 150,000 bright innovators in 20 countries, and keeps growing. Fast!


Ideas are the raw material of innovation. And their creators are everywhere. It can be a student, an entrepreneur, a service provider or even a member of a distant branch of your own company that comes up with the game changing idea that disrupts your business. 

What we do

Creativity and ideas need to be structured in order to benefit from them. We use fresh methodologies like design thinking, creative problem solving, canvas, scrum, lean startup or open innovation to gather information from our surroundings, structure it to generate a unique business intelligence, validate and accelerate potential breakthroughs and to help our clients create new products, services or even to spin out new companies. We evaluate over 10,000 business plans and ideas every year, with the help of the over 2,000 senior experts in our network, who cover every single discipline in technology.   


Results matter more than ever. For a good consultant, it is not enough to explain how something can be done. It is important to showcase solutions with real, tangible, working prototypes. This is why we have put a lot of effort into building a top of the line team of engineers and designers that are able to bring ideas to reality.

What we do

Our focus is to provide our clients with an environment where we can fail safely, prototype fast and cheap, and to validate new products and services with real customers. All while we invest strong in mastering all new technologies and platforms and in keeping the highest product development quality standards.