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Passionate about innovation

Our story begins with one man and one location: Pedro Moneo and Silicon Valley. 

In the midst of the effervescence of creativity so akin to the cradle of technology, our founder and CEO Pedro Moneo was inspired to create the organization we are today: an innovation consultancy firm that helps corporations to innovate through the agile methodologies used by startups.

Opinno was founded the same year that Lehman Brothers collapsed: a symbolic date that marked the beginning of the largest economic crisis in decades which has completely changed the way business is conducted. Within this climate of extreme uncertainty, a new array of strategies, workplace methodologies and previously unknown organizational structures have arisen which call out for disruptive thinking and actions.

With the aim of adapting to a new, rapidly changing market in crisis, we have built our business upon the same foundations as any innovative process: 

-Listening to people, which is represented by our People division (2008)
-The design of new services or products, which is represented by our Ideas division (2012)
-The development of technological solutions, which is represented by our Solutions division (2013)

The sum of these three pillars has lead us to become a unique, innovation consultancy firm that helps our customers generate impact through innovation. 

From the time of our creation in 2008, we have continually transformed and restructured in order to continue to grow. Always motivated by an entrepreneurial, agile and analytical spirit, we have grown to comprise a team of more than 100 talented professionals based in offices in Madrid, London, Bogotá and San Francisco.