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We are a global innovation consultancy

The world is changing at an increasingly faster rate, and technology, innovation and entrepreneurship are the keys to survival and to the competitiveness of companies and regions.

At Opinno, we help large corporations to transform through the innovative methodologies used by start-ups and entrepreneurs. We see innovation as a process that begins by listening to people and ends with the design and prototyping of new products and services that generate an impact on society. This is the foundation of our model:

People. Ideas. Solutions.


We work with the most prestigious universities and think tanks in the world. We are partners of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and we hold the exclusive publishing rights to their publications Harvard Business Review and MIT Technology Review in Spanish speaking countries. We are also the cofounders of the first Spanish chapter of the foundation.

Futhermore, our company, and our founder, were awarded the Eisenhower Innovation Fellowship in 2014.