Madrid, March 9, 2020 - During the week of March 9 and coinciding with International Women's Day, the global innovation firm Opinno has organized several initiatives aimed at its community of ambassadors and its digital ecosystem. The first, which took place on Friday, March 6 at the company's headquarters in Madrid, was a breakfast for its entire team in Spain to learn more about the WTalk platform, an inclusive initiative launched in February by several directors of the Promociona project aimed at giving greater visibility to the talent of female managers both in our country and internationally.

For Pedro Moneo, founder and CEO of Opinno, "from our company we want to join not only this week, but all the initiatives that throughout the year help women to become decisive agents of change in our society. We believe that every week of the year should be the week of genderless talent and shared leadership". With 52% women on its staff, Opinno believes that complementary and shared leadership is critical to creating strong economies, achieving internationally agreed development and sustainability goals, and improving the quality of communities and professional efficiency.  


Maria Izaguirre, founding partner of WTalk, explained on Friday at Opinno the fundamental pillars of the new platform, constituted "to give visibility to female talent, creating, along the way, a database of professional talent open to all companies". The vehicles used are the "WTalk", a 30-minute presentation format chosen according to the current situation, and organized for women and men, who will lead the experts in the field. The best way to represent with an agile and modern format of networking (with the option of knowing who is who among the attendees) and a talk of about 30 minutes. 

During this week, Opinno has prepared a series of communications aimed at its entire community and its network of ambassadors to highlight the importance of women and men in fostering genderless talent, where inclusive models are those that, according to the firm, contribute to greater efficiency and the achievement of excellent results in the short and long term.