Uncertainty over coronavirus exponentially multiplies remote working


Madrid, March 16, 2020 - Remote working is the best option to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) with a minimum impact on business activity, according to the global innovation company Opinno. In a globalized and interconnected world, a crisis like COVID-19 can affect companies in multiple areas: paralyzed negotiations, suspended events and meetings, cancelled business trips, forced change of workplace, and many other situations that can directly affect the usual work flujo. 

Companies like Chevron, Microsoft and Twitter have been pioneers in adopting this way of working in the face of this new scenario. In Spain, Prosegur, Vodafone and an increasing number of companies have decided to establish remote work for an indefinite time as the main response. 

Pedro Moneo, founder and CEO of Opinno, states that "in situations like the one we are currently experiencing, one of the most important goals is to protect and ensure the well-being of the entire team, their families and customers by using agile methodologies, which have the capacity to make remote teams extremely efficient, gaining productivity with the concept of remote work.

According to Opinno, the companies best prepared for teleworking are those that have their own protocol, have trained their teams and have specialized coaches to help the teams to telework.

Remote Work

A new opportunity 

The opportunity to adopt a new model of remote work allows us to imagine, in the not too distant future, companies in which centralised work in large offices is not necessary and we can opt for a network of global and interconnected workers. According to the INE, in Spain only 27% of companies contemplate this type of work. This, despite the fact that it offers cost reduction benefits, allows for a greater flexibilidad of the workforce, increases productivity, facilitates work-life balance, and reduces absenteeism and stress among workers, among many other benefits.

Opinno Model

The key requirement for successfully tackling remote work is to ensure that teams continue to add value to the organisation on a recurring and iterative basis, which requires that objectives are correctly set, roles are well defined definidos, tasks are well distributed and the right tools are available. 

The implementation of remote work based on agile work methodologies, with the appropriate use of the right tools, is the best alternative to maintain the productivity and efficiency of work teams in situations that limit physical presence among colleagues. 


Link to the Manual of Remote Work of Opinno

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Video about the manual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=_xeqT8asqDo&feature=emb_logo


Link to the Remote Working Protocol Opinno

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Direct link to download the protocol from Opinno's website in Spanish